Why is there an issue with the image included in my post?

When you’re posting images directly on a social site as opposed to via a third party like Sendible, the image is more often than not uploaded directly from your computer and time will be given for the image to be fully uploaded therefore, the image size limit is often much higher directly on a social site as opposed to when you’re posting via a third party like Sendible.


This is because, when you’re posting through a third party, the image will always be sent to the social site as a link, even if you’ve uploaded it directly from your computer, as social sites only allow image posting through their API (what we use to integrate with them) if the image is being hosted on another site.


For images you attach via your computer to a post in Sendible, the image will be hosted on our servers.


This means that the size restriction on these images is generally set to 5MB in total (this means if you’re including multiple images in a post, the size of all the images put together should add up to less than 5MB) whereas, for example on Facebook, you can upload images up to 20MB in size because they’re being uploaded directly from your computer to Facebook’s servers.


There are two main issues that can arise due to having to have all images hosted outside of the social site:


If you’re including a link in your post and the profile you’re posting to is set to automatically pull an image from that link, if the image being linked to is too large, the post can be declined. Whilst our system will warn you if you’re attaching an image which it believes is too large directly from your computer, we’re not currently able to check this if the image is either being attached via a link or if the image is being pulled automatically therefore, it’s worth checking the image size directly or saving the image and attaching it from your computer if you’re concerned that the image may be too large.

The social site being posted to does not allow the same time for an image to be processed if you’re posting via a third party like Sendible so if the image or site is slow to load, this can also cause the post to be declined. Again, it’s best to save the image directly to your computer and upload it from there as, in this case, it would be stored on our servers and the same issue should not happen.


You can also encounter issues with images if your image does not meet the size guidelines of where you’re posting to so, for example, there are specific size guidelines for Facebook Cover photos.


For more information on this, please see our guide to image sizes on the following page:




For more specific information on Facebook’s image size guidelines, please see:




It’s also worth noting that if you post a portrait image, this can also affect how the image is posted so, for example on Facebook, this would cause the image to be displayed beside any text included in your posts as opposed to above it if the image is included in a link preview.


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