How Do I Tag Facebook Pages?

1. Open the Compose Box and select one or more Facebook pages that you want to post out to. 

2. Next, type '@' followed by the page name you want to tag, i.e. @Sendible. Please note: this feature was released before Facebook added @handles for Facebook Pages. This means that, whilst our system does require that you add the @ symbol before the page name, you need to use the page name after this rather than the page's @handle in order for tagging to work.

3. The tag selector will appear providing a selection of pages to choose from.


4. Click on the tag to select the page.

5. If you want to tag multiple pages in the same post, please repeat steps 2-4

Please note: Sendible will automatically disable other services from the service selector to ensure that you don't post odd characters to other social accounts. If you delete the tag, this will enable the services in the service selector drop-down menu. 


If you choose both Facebook and Twitter services and then enter a tag, a short notice will appear, advising you that the tag will default to Twitter.


There are two options to choose from here:

  1. Remove the Twitter service and choose to send to Facebook only
    (just remember to make a copy of message before hitting schedule or send).


  2. Send the message as it is and manually edit the tag on Facebook
    (this can be more time-consuming).


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