What are the sending limits applied to user accounts?

In order to comply with the posting policies of social media sites, we apply a posting limit of 500 (this will be 50 on the Taster plan and on any plan if you're still on a trial) to social media posts per day to individual user accounts which can then be raised if needed based on a user's plan, the content of their posts and whether they're posting via their own custom Apps.

This limit is put in place to prevent social media accounts from being suspended which can happen if your posts are flagged for spam or are reported by social media users for other reasons.

For advice on reducing the amount you're posting whilst improving the engagement you receive from social media users, please see the following articles:






You can find more great articles on how you can improve the frequency and content of your posts on our blog:


If you'd like to discuss having your sending limit raised, please contact us by using the 'Submit a ticket' option above or by emailing support@sendible.com

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