How do I share services in bulk?

This page covers how you can share access to multiple services at a time between the user accounts on your dashboard. Access to services you've already set up won't be available automatically when you create a new user in case they shouldn't have access to them. Instead, this will need to be done as needed when a new user is created.

We recommend sharing services where needed rather than, for example, setting up a service for the same LinkedIn Company Page as separate services on 2 or more user accounts.

Please Note:
As the ability to share services in bulk is accessed via the Manage Users page, you will need to be an Admin in order to access it. Otherwise, services can still be shared individually as outlined on this page.


1. Select the My Dashboard button in the top-left hand side of the dashboard.

2. Select the Manage Users button at the bottom of the menu.




3. In the new page that opens up, select Service Sharing under the Manage menu to the right of the page.




4. The following window will be displayed. First pick the owner of the services you want to share with another user.

5. Next pick the user account you want to share services with.

6. To help with finding specific services if the service owner has a lot of services set up on their account, you can Filter by the name of a particular service to bring it up.

7. You can bulk select services by selecting the checkbox next to the service type, so for example, if you wanted to share all the Facebook Page posting services set up on the owner’s user account, select the Facebook Fan Page heading and all the Facebook Fan Page services will be automatically selected.

8. You can also select individual services by selecting the checkbox just opposite the name of that service.

9. Once the checkboxes next to all the services you want to share are selected, click the arrow facing right to move those services into the Shared Services box.




10. If you’ve accidentally moved a service you didn’t want to share or you’d like to unshare services in bulk, select the service/s in the Shared Services box.

11. Then select the left facing arrow to remove them.

12. Once all the services that should be shared with the account are in the Shared Services box, click Save to confirm that you want to share those services.




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