How can I change my system settings?

This article covers system settings which mainly include security and access options for a particular user account such as setting additional authentication when logging in.

To update your system settings:

1. Click on your username in the top right hand of the dashboard.

2. Then select Preferences from the menu.


3. Next, select System Settings from the list to the right hand side.

Please Note:
If you want to access the settings for another user account which you have access to, you will have to switch over to their account by clicking on the My Dashboard option on the top left corner of the screen, selecting that user, and then once you're able to view their account, you can click on the cog (icon which appears next to their name.


4. If you’re experiencing issues with your account such as profiles not displaying in ‘Compose’, you’re unable to switch users or certain parts of the dashboard are not displaying correctly, this could because your browser Cache is full or an older version of the dashboard is being Cached. By selecting the Reset Cache option and then refreshing your page, this will resolve these issues in most cases.

5. If you use a shared computer or similar, you may want to have the system automatically reset your session for security purposes. This is set to 14 days by default but can be extended or shortened as needed.

We recommend to set your Cache to reset automatically every 2 days, to make sure your Sendible app is always up to date.

6. You can also set up a security question for your account which you will be prompted to answer if you or someone else accesses your account from a different IP to the one you usually login from.

7. For increased security, you can restrict access to your account by specifying the IP addresses which should have access.

8. Once you’ve adjusted your settings, select the Save option.



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