How do I change my publishing preferences?

This article covers publishing preferences which allows you to control default behaviour when creating posts or replying to messages for a particular user account.

To get started:

1. Select the cog icon in the top right hand side of the dashboard and then select Preferences001__1_.png


2. You then need to select Publishing Preferences. 002.png


3.The option for URL Shortening can be seen on the left-hand side.  003.png


4. The URL Shortener used for your user account will be set to by default and you can change this by selecting another of the options listed in this drop-down menu.

Please Note:
If you select the don’t shorten option, we will not be able to track click data, etc. on your links as one of the default option provided needs to be selected in order for us to be able to collect this information.



5. If you already have a account, you can integrate this with Sendible by adding your login, key and, if applicable, your pro domain. Please see this page for more information.005.png


Important Note:
Adding your own Bitly Pro account is not available on the Starter & Traction plans.


Publishing Preferences

On this page you can also select a number of other options to assist in the publishing of your posts.

6. You can select how you want the system to handle retweets natively or not so, whether they include 'RT' at the beginning of the retweet or whether the post displays on Twitter without anything to show that it is a retweet.006.png

7. As the Compose Box is responsive by default, you can select whether the Rich Text Editor only displays when you select a Mailing List or a Blog or whether this is always available by default. Please note that Rich Text options such as formatting text is not supported by most social media sites including Twitter and Facebook which is why these options are usually only displayed for blogs and Mailing Lists where they are supported.007.png

8. If you need to, you can Pause your scheduled messages. Messages scheduled over the time that they are paused will still show as ‘Sent’ to prevent the system sending them all at once when they’re unpaused however, they will not actually be sent out on our backend. To reschedule these messages, please go to your ‘Sent’ view and use the ‘Repost’ option.008.png

9. You can also select which Filter is used by default when viewing Scheduled or Sent messages, etc. This is set to your user account by default but can be set to ‘All Users’ by default. The messages which are displayed when ‘All Users’ is selected will depend on whose users accounts you have permission to view based on your user hierarchy.009.png


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