How Do I Manage My Personal Preferences?


1. You can access preferences by clicking on the Cog icon in the top right hand side of the dashboard and then selecting Personal Preferences from the list.



2. Under the Preferences section, you can switch between the preferences you wish to view or edit from the list to the right.

3. To update the Name listed on your account, please change this in the ‘Name or Company’ field. This is the name displayed on your account in Sendible and not your username which you can use to login.

4. To change the Email Address linked to your account, please update this in the ‘Email’ field.

5. You can select whether or not you want to have future updates automatically applied to your account by checking or un-checking the ‘Subscribe to feature updates’ check box.

6. To change the Username associated with your user account, please update this in the ‘Username’ field.

7. If you need to reset the password for your account, please click the ‘Reset Password’ link provided.

8. You can also change the Timezone for your account if needed by choosing a different timezone from the dropdown menu however, Please Note that your messages will not be automatically updated to correspond to the new timezone.

9. Select the language you want your dashboard to be displayed in from one of the options available in the ‘Language’ dropdown menu.

10. You can also adjust the clock format used on your account between 12-hour and 24-hour using the ‘Clock Format’ dropdown.

11. Once you have adjusted your settings as required, select the Save button for your changes to be applied.


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