Where Can I Change My Payment Details Or My Plan?

Please Note:
To access your Subscription area, you will need to be logged in as an Admin.



1.  First click on your account name on the top right hand side of the dashboard.

2. Then select Subscription from the dropdown menu.


3. Your plan type and the current amount you are paying per month for your plan will be displayed in the Current Plan box.

4. By selecting the dropdown in the Billing Cycle box, you can select whether you’re billed Monthly, Quarterly (every 3 months), Half Yearly (every 6 months) or Yearly.

5. Use the left and right arrows in the User(s) box to change the amount of user licenses included with your current plan. 

Please Note:
You will not be able to reduce this below the standard allocation of user licences which come with your plan, you will need to downgrade your plan in this case. If you do downgrade, please delete all unnecessary user accounts first as the system will not do this automatically in case the wrong account(s) are deleted. Also, if you’re adding additional user licenses, you will be charged additional. To check the additional amount that will be added to your monthly billing if you do purchase additional user licenses based on the plan you’re currently on, please see this page.

6. The Payment method on file box will display the last four digits of the card that charges are currently being made to. To change this, please click the Change option and then you will be directed to provide the details of the new card.

7. If you make any adjustments using the options available directly on this page, make sure to select the Adjust Current Plan button once you’re finished to make sure these changes are saved.

8. To upgrade or downgrade your plan, please click on the Select a new plan option and you will then be taken to our plans and pricing page to view our available plans and upgrade or downgrade as needed.


9. You can also check when your account was opened and when your next payment is due to be charged.

10. You can check how many Email and SMS credits are available on your account in this area.

11. If you select to transfer credits to other user accounts, a pop-up will appear providing you with the options to select how many credits you want to transfer, who you want to transfer them to, etc.

12. You can also purchase additional credits in which case you will be taken to the Extras and Add-ons page.




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