How can I manage my Subscription and Payments?

This article will walk you through making changes to your subscription such as adding users to your existing subscription and changing your plan. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, please make sure to check our Subscription and Payments FAQ.

Please Note:
To access your Subscription area, you will need to be logged in as an Admin.


Viewing your current Subscription

1.  First click on your account name on the top right hand side of the dashboard.

2. Then select Subscription from the dropdown menu.



3. Your current Plan type and Plan pricing will be displayed at the top of the page. Your plan pricing will also reflect the overall number of user allocations you have access, your billing frequency and any discount applied to your Subscription. Please click here for more information on User Allocations.

4. Your Billing frequency will be displayed next. The highlighted option shows what your billing frequency is currently set to. If you would like to change this, select the billing frequency option you want to move forward with.


Please Note:
The new billing frequency will only be applied from your next billing date.


Adding or Removing Users from your Subscription

5. Here you’ll see a summary of the amount of User Allocations and Profiles that you currently have access to. Use the + to add additional User Allocations to your plan. This will also add additional Profile Allocations which can be used by any user accounts that you already have set up without setting up a new user account. You can use the + and - options to see how many users/profiles you might want to add and your plan pricing will change to reflect this.


Important Note:
Users will only be fully added or removed from your plan once you save these changes and, if you're adding users, the related pro-rata charge for the user(s) has been made successfully.


Please Note:
You will not be able to reduce this below the standard allocation of user licences which come with your plan, you will need to downgrade your plan in this case. If you do downgrade, please delete all unnecessary user accounts first as the system will not do this automatically in case the wrong account(s) are deleted.


Adding/Updating Card Details

6. If you haven’t already added a card to be charged, you’ll see the ‘Add Card’ option displayed opposite where the Payment method method heading is displayed. Select this to add a card for your account.

If you already have a card on file, the last 4 digits of that card will be displayed. If you need to update the current card linked to your account, select the ‘Change Card’ option instead.


If you’ve selected to add or change your card, the following pop-up will be displayed for you to add your card details or update your card details. We support all major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

7. You’ll be able to see when the card you’re adding or updating will next be charged.

8. You can also provide a discount code you’ve been given by selecting the related option and adding your discount code.

9. Make sure to select the ‘Confirm Details’ button for your card to be added/updated.




Please Note:
If for any reason your card provider is not allowing us to add your card to our system, we will present an error which displays the information provided by your card provider as to why this has happened. In most cases, if a card cannot be added successfully, we recommend trying again and contacting your card provider for assistance if the same error is displayed. 


Checking Payment Dates 

10. Under where your payment details are displayed, you’ll be able to check when your account was created and when the next subscription payment for your account is due.


Changing plans

11.  If you want to change the plan that you’re on, select the ‘Pick a new plan’ button.


12. A pop-up will display our currently available plans to Upgrade or Downgrade to. The price present for each reflects the price for that plan based on the current number of users you have set up. Use the ‘Compare Features +’ option to view more information on each plan including feature restrictions.

13. Once you’ve decided on the plan you want to move to, click the ‘Select Plan’ button displayed underneath the relevant plan.

14. If you’re currently on trial and would like to activate your plan early, use the ‘Activate’ button displayed below the plan you’re currently on.


Important Note:

If you’re downgrading, we recommend:

  • Deleting any users that you no longer need, otherwise they will still be included in the cost of the plan you’re downgrading to. 
  • Removing profiles you no longer need if you’re moving to a plan that includes less profiles than the total number setup between all your current user accounts. Otherwise, you will be blocked from downgrading until this is done.
  • Check that you are not using features that you will no longer have access to on the plan you’re downgrading to. Otherwise, you will once again be blocked from downgrading until these are removed, eg. Custom Reports. You can check features available on our current plans on our pricing page.


Please Note:

If you’re upgrading your plan, we will look to charge a pro-rata amount for your new plan. If this is successful, your plan will be updated immediately. 

If you’re downgrading, we don’t automatically issue refunds in these cases so please either contact us first or downgrade your plan shortly before your next billing date.


Changing your Subscription Currency

15. Currently, we support charges in USD, GBP and EUR. If you ever want to change the currency that you’re being charged in, you can use the options provided in the plan selection pop-up to select a new currency. Please make sure to select ‘Activate’ after doing this if you’re sticking with your current plan or ‘Select Plan’ if you’re upgrading or downgrading for the currency to be changed.


Applying changes to your Subscription

16. If you’ve made any changes to your Subscription directly on the Subscription page, make sure to select the ‘Apply Changes’ button which will be highlighted in this case to confirm the changes to your subscription and the new subscription cost.


Additional information

For more general information on Subscriptions and payments, please see our Subscription and Payments FAQ. This covers topics such as discounts and User Allocations.

Please also see our Terms and Conditions for additional information around cancelling your Subscription and Refunds.


Contacting us about your current Subscription or Plans

  • If you need to talk to us about previous charges made for your account, please submit a ticket. 
  • For general plan and White Label enquiries please open a chat from our pricing page or send an email to


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