How Can I Search For Content Using Suggested Content?

Click here to see how you can save topics


1. Go to Content > Suggestions.



2. Sendible will provide content based on what you post out from a Twitter account. You can select the Twitter account that you want to see related content for from the dropdown if you have multiple Twitter accounts linked to that user account.


3. Select if you want to see content based on one of the suggested topics available.


4. You can also scroll down to view recent content based on Staff Picks, Technology & Innovation, Music, etc.


5. When you’ve found a specific topic you want to view content for, click on the image to view related content.






How to save topics:

6. You can also choose to save specific topics so that you can easily view content for those topics at a later date. When you save content, it will be available to select in future in the area highlighted by figure 11.


7. You can also select whether you want to view articles or influencers for a particular topic.


8. When you have a topic selected, use the dropdown menus to sort how you want to view that content.


9. You can also search for specific topics using the Search function provided.

11. This is where topics you’ve saved previously will be displayed.




12. When you’ve found an article you want to share you can save it to your content library for use in the future by selecting the tick box on that article and then selecting the Curate Content button. It will then be loaded into the content library compose box so you can give it a title and make any changes you need to before saving it to the content library of your choice. You can select and save multiple articles at once by ticking a number of articles before selecting Curate Content.

13. You can also share content immediately by selecting the downward pointing arrow icon and then selecting Share which will load the article into the compose box, Add to Queue which will load the article into the compose box with the Queue option pre-selected or Save Content which will also allow you to save that piece of content to your content library.





14. If you’re saving content to your content library, this is the box that will be displayed. Select the library you want to add your content to from the dropdown.


15.Then give your content a title which will be displayed in the content library.


16. You can then add tags to your content for your reference to help describe your content.


17. Once you’ve selected the content library you want to add your content to, given it a title and made any other changes you want to make to it, select the Add Content button.





18. If instead you select one of the options to Share such as adding to a Queue, the standard compose box will be brought up with the article in it so that you can select the service/s you want the post to be sent to.


19. If you want to add that article to a Queue, you can then select the Queue from the dropdown menu.

20. When you’ve added services, selected the Queue or scheduled the message, etc. select the ‘Send’ or in this case Add to Queue button.









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