How Do I Add A Contact From A Social Media Channel?

Important Note:
Contacts Features including Email and SMS functionality is no longer available as of the 31st of March, 2019. Please see this page for more information.


1. In the Priority Inbox, a StreamKeyword Search or similar, click on the name of the contact you would like to add.




2. When the social media profile is displayed, click Save Contact.





3. The General information screen will be displayed by default.

4. If our system can pull the name associated with the social account, this will be automatically populated in the First Name and
Last Name fields.

5. The Birthday of a contact can be used for sending out automated emails for example. For more on this, please see this page.

6. You can specify the contact type such as Lead, Affiliate, Opportunity, etc.

7. You can also specify where the lead came from for future reference.





8. Under Contact Info you can add any other contact details you have for that contact.

9. If you want to be able to email that contact, make sure to include their email address if possible.

10. When adding a phone number, make sure to include the country code if you want to send them an SMS through Sendible.

11. Based on whether you want to contact that person through email or SMS, you’ll need to set their Contact Preference.





12. Any Custom Fields you’ve added for contacts will be available under Other. For more information on custom fields, please
see this page.





17. In the Notes section you can add any additional notes you need to for that contact.

18. Once you’ve added all the details for that contact that you need to, select the Create Contact button.



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