How Do I Create A Mailing List?

Important Note:
Contacts Features including Email and SMS functionality is no longer available as of the 31st of March, 2019. Please see this page for more information.



1. Select the Contacts tab at the top of any page and then select the Mailing Lists option from the dropdown menu. If you haven’t already created a list, the system will prompt you to create one. Otherwise select the New List button.



2. Give your list a name.

3. Select whether the contacts you’re adding to the list will be contacted by email or SMS. If you select the email option, you will only be able to email the contacts on that list. If you select the SMS option, when you look to send a message those contacts, the message will be sent via SMS.

4. Select who can use the list in the Compose box (Consumers) and who can add contacts to the list (Contributors). Once you’ve added your settings, save the list using the Create List button.





5. The following pop up will appear displaying the list you’ve just created, select More to start adding contacts to your list. You can add a new contact, add existing contacts or import contacts.

6. You can also Search for a contact.





7. If you choose to add existing contacts, you’ll be directed to tick the boxes next to the contacts you wish to add. Once you’ve selected all the contacts you want to add, click the Add Selected Contact(s) button. The list will then be available in the  Message Box for you to select.







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