How Do I Bulk Import Email And SMS Contacts?

Important Note:
Contacts Features including Email and SMS functionality is no longer available as of the 31st of March, 2019. Please see this page for more information.



1. Select Contacts from the top of the dashboard and then in the drop-down menu select My Contacts.

2. On this page, select the Bulk Import button.



3. The above window will appear. You can either provide your contact’s details straight into the table, otherwise select the [Download CSV file] option to download a sample CSV that will show you how your contact’s information will need to be provided. If you’ve entered the details straight into the table, you can now click the Import button and then please jump to point 5.

Please Note:
The minimum information you will need to add is your contact’s first name, last name and email address.
Important Note:
When importing from a CSV file, the headers in the file need to be in the exact same order as in the Bulk Importer and can't change. If there are columns which are not needed, you can leave them blank.




4. This following sample file shows you the minimum amount of information you need to add for each contact and the format it needs to be added in. Please make sure your headers, etc. match this as closely as possible.

5.Once your CSV is ready, click the Load from a CSV file option. You will then be directed to select the CSV from your computer. Once you’ve selected the CSV, the contacts will be displayed in the window and when you’re ready, you can click the Import button.




6. You can then choose whether you want to add the contacts you’re importing to a list.

7. You can also choose whether you want to add your contacts to an existing list or to create a new one.

8. If you have selected the option to create a new list, please choose whether you want to add the contacts to an email or SMS list.

9. You can then provide the name for your new list. Once you’ve done this, click Import.


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