How can I set one User up to manage another User?

When you set one user to manage another user, this will put them into a hierarchy under the user managing them. This means that, for example, any other team member accounts being managed by that user will be able to 'Switch' into each other's accounts and select those accounts from filters, drop downs and other areas other user accounts can be accessed. However, any client accounts being managed by that user will still only be able to access and view their own account.

We've provided some additional examples of how you can setup hierarchies or give access to other user accounts below.

To get started:

1. When setting up a new user or editing an existing user, select the Account option from the list to the left.

Check out How Do I Set Up My Team on Sendible? to understand the differences between the profiles and when using Maintain user hierarchy, how this changes the user view.

2. Select the User Account you wish to set up as the Manager for that account from the Managed By dropdown menu.

3. Select the Update User button to save your changes.



Please Note:
If you set up one user to Manage another user, this will affect the User Group of the account being Managed. 

For example, if a Team Member account is being managed by another user, they will only be able to view the other Team Member user accounts being managed by the same user account as opposed to all the other Team Member user accounts on the overall account.


As another example, let’s say you have Client A and they need to be able to manage User 1 and User 2 and also be able to toggle between their accounts without having admin rights. You would set this up as follows: 

1. Create a new user (Client A) by clicking “New User” within the “My Users” tab and set the “Managed By” field to be your company name (the highest level in the hierarchy). 

2. Create a new user (User 1) and set the “Managed By” field to be Client A. 

3. Create a new user (User 2) and set the “Managed By” field to be Client A.

Now, when Client A logs into Sendible, he’ll only see User 1 and User 2 when looking to switch the user account they're viewing and will be able to manage/toggle between them. User 1 and User 2 cannot access each others information, but Client A can access both User 1 and User 2.


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