How Do I Check The Services I've Already Set Up?



1. Click on the Services tab in your dashboard.

2. Then select My Services from the drop-down menu.

The Services that have been directly set up on that user account or transferred to that user account will be displayed.
Please Note:
Services which have been shared from another user account will not be displayed here as, if a service is shared, the user it is shared with will not have permission to edit or delete that service, etc. from their own user account.



3. If you have a large number of services set up, you can easily look through the pages listing these services using the page numbers next to the Filter bar. You can also Filter by a particular service type by selecting the type of service you wish to view from the service filter drop-down.

4. You can also Search for a particular service by adding the name of that service into the search box and then clicking enter on your keyboard.



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