How Do I Edit Or Delete The Services I've Already Added?


Important Note:
Deleting a service can affect related posts, reporting data and Priority Inbox alerts, even if the same service is re-added. If you're experiencing a connection issue, messages posted to this service are bouncing or reporting data related to this service is not being displayed, please reconnect this service or contact us for further assistance.



1. Go to the +Services tab.

2. Select My services in the drop-down menu or on the left side of your dashboard. 

3. Locate the service you’re looking to edit or delete from the list. You can use the search tool in the top right hand side of the screen to make this easier. Clicking the trashcan icon opposite where the service is listed will allow you to Delete that particular service. The pencil icon next to the trashcan icon will allow you to Edit the service.



4. A confirmation window will pop up. Press Yes, proceed to delete the service.

Please note:
if you Delete a service, this will affect the reporting data for that service as well scheduled and queued posts set to be sent to that service so we don’t recommend deleting services unless you know that you no longer need to manage that service.
Please note:
If there were posts scheduled to a deleted service you will see No services selected instead of the service. Please learn more here!



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