How do I share a report with other users?

This article covers how you can share a Branded Report that you've setup already with one or more users under your account. As with other sharing options available through Sendible, the users that the report is shared with won't be able to edit that report and some of the report functionality, such as copying or sharing the report, will be restricted as well.

1. To share a Custom Report go to Reports and select My Reports from the drop-down menu.

Please Note:
You cannot share Quick Reports with other user accounts.

2. Choose the Report you would like to share from the list shown.
3. Use the report filter to help you locate your report if needed.


4. Click the Share button as shown below.


Important Note:
You can only share reports that you've built with other users. If another user has shared a report with you and you go to share this report on, the button will be disabled and the owner of the report will need to share the report.

5. The following pop-up will be displayed, select the name of the user account(s) you wish to share the report with.

Using the arrows provided, move the name of the user account from the Team members/Clients: box to the Currently shared with: box. Repeat this process if you need to share the report with multiple user accounts.


If you want to stop sharing a report with another user account, you will need to come back here and move their name back in the ‘Team members/Clients:’ box.

Once the report has been shared it will then be available for the appropriate user account(s) to access from the My Reports page highlighted in Point 2.

Please Note:
When deleting users, custom built reports will still remain shared. If you wish to delete/edit these please submit a support ticket and we'll be happy to help you with this.


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