How Can I View and Use the Calendar?

To access the Calendar, select the
Engage tab from the main navigation and select the Calendar option from the list to the left.

2. Select the Refresh option to refresh the Calendar if a message isn’t being displayed.

3. The Print option allows you to print the calendar view in a print friendly format. Using this option, you can also save the Calendar as a PDF using the "Save as PDF" option when selecting a printer.

4. Use the Filter option to select other members in your User Group so that you can view their Scheduled messages alongside yours, please see Figure 14 for more information on this.

5. You can also use the Channel Filter to view messages scheduled to be sent to just a specific Service or List.

6. Use the arrows either side of the date displayed and at the top of the Calendar to move forward or backward in the Calendar.




7. Select to view either Scheduled, Queued or Sent messages. If you select to view messages in a Queue, you’ll need to select the relevant Queue you want to view messages for.




8. The Overview option allows users to select both Scheduled messages for multiple users and also messages in Queues at the same time.

9. You can search for a specific user account you want to see the Scheduled messages for using the search option.

10. When you’ve ticked the boxes opposite the user accounts you wish to view scheduled messages for and any Queues you also want to see messages for, select the Apply option and then messages will be displayed in the Calendar accordingly. 




11. You can move the message in the Calendar to change it’s scheduled time or to view more information about a scheduled message if for example you’re viewing messages in the monthly format, click the message for a pop-up to be displayed. You can also edit a message by clicking the Edit button. 




12. Clicking on an empty slot in the Calendar when viewing Scheduled or Queued messages will prompt the Compose box to be displayed so that you can schedule a message for that day.




13. You can also select to view messages by Month, Week or Day which is useful for focusing on posts scheduled or Queued for a specific week or day.

14. When filtering by users, the border color and initials corner will change according to the account color set on their user settings (In this case the account color is green) and their account initials. Please refer to Point 15.

Message colors are based on the color of the social network, blue Facebook, orange for Google+, red for Instagram and etc.




15. You can set different colors for each user under SettingsUsers > Edit > Account. This will need to be set or changed by an admin.


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