How Can I Add, Edit, Share Or Delete A Queue?

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1. Select the Engage tab and then select Queued from the list to the left.

2.If you haven’t already added a Queue you’ll be directed to add your first Queue, to create a new Queue, select the New Queue button.





3. Give your Queue a Name.

How to set a queue to recycle:

4. Select whether messages in your Queue will be Recycled. This means that when you add a message to that Queue, it will be repeated until you Delete the message and any repeats from the Queue or the Queue itself. Please Note: We suggest that you only set a Queue to repeat if you will be regularly adding new messages to a Queue.

5. Contributors are other users who can use that Queue. Select from the dropdown menu who can view and add messages to a Queue from the other users in your User Group.





6. To start adding times to a Queue select the Day of the week you want to add times for.

7. You can manually add a time or you can select an optimal time. Please Note: Optimal times will only be calculated once you have been posting to posting services for 2 - 3 weeks so that the system has time to calculate this data. Also, Optimal Times will take into account the Best Time to Post for all posting services linked to that user account, not for just a particular service. For more information on optimal times, please see this page.

8. To delete a timeslot, select the X icon.

9. To add another timeslot for that day, select the + icon.

10. Once you’ve added your timeslot for every day and time you want messages to be sent, select the Save button.





11. When viewing your Queue, you can select in Bulk and Delete in bulk.

12. Using the More option you can export your Queued messages to a CSV or Import in Bulk.

13. You can also Refresh the page if your Queued message isn’t displayed yet.

14. Use the Filter option to filter by Channel,eg. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

15. You can also Search for a specific message using one or more Keywords from the body of the message or by the Service or List name.

16. You can also select from your other Queues and Queues where you’ve been added as a Contributor.





17. Using the options directly on a message, you can DeleteEdit and Repost that message as well as moving it to the top or the bottom of the Queue. If you want to rearrange your Queued messages, you can also drag and drop them.

18. The Initials display the name of the user account that has Queued the message.

19. To Edit or Delete a Queue, hover over the name of the Queue in the Queue List and the Edit and Delete icon for that Queue will be displayed. If you select to Edit the Queue, the pop up window from above will appear.




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