Where can I check my assigned tasks and message sent for approval that I need to handle?

Approving posts

 Click the Engage from the main navigation.

2. Select For me from the menu on the left.

3. This option allows you to select all and deselect all the posts.

4. Click the trash icon to delete any selected posts.

5. Using the More option you can mark messages as Done in bulk.

6. You can select the date range you would like to view by clicking the calendar icon.


7. Use the search field to search using one or more keywords from the body of the message.

8. Click Approve/Reject to review the message in Compose view.

9. Select Comment to leave a note for the User Account that assigned the message.

10. From the Compose box you can approve the message by clicking "Approve & Send"

11. Select Reject to send the post back to the person who submitted for approval and then you'll also be able to include a note advising why you rejected the post.

12. Send for Approval allows you to re-assign this task for another user account to approve.


Replying to comments

13. Replying to comments also shows up as tasks, click Reply to respond to the message.


The Compose box will appear to reply to the comment, click Send Now to send your reply.


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