Where Should I Check If My Message Hasn't Been Posted?



1. Click on the Engage tab in your dashboard.

2. Then select the Bounced view from the list to the left.



3. You can choose to select in bulk and Delete your Bounced post.

Please Note:
If you delete your bounced post, it will be removed from our system as well, so we might not be able to investigate further, should you have any questions regarding this message later on.

4. Using the More option you can export your Bounced messages to a CSV. You can also Refresh the page if your Bounced message isn’t displayed yet.

5. Use the Filter option to filter by Channel,eg. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

6. You can also view the other Bounced messages for those in your User Group. Deselect your username and then select the name of the User Account you wish to view from the dropdown menu.

7. You can also Search for a specific message using one or more Keywords from the body of the message or by the Service or List name.


8. Using the options directly on a message, you can Delete or Repost that message, and the Initials display the name of the user account that has sent the message.

9. The reason that the post was not able to be delivered will be listed below the post. In some cases we can identify why the post has bounced and will provide instructions to address the issue. Otherwise the message we have received from the social site as to why the message could not be posted will be displayed.





10. If you choose to re-post the message, the Compose box will be opened and the message and previous settings you added will be displayed. You can edit any of the previous text, images, etc. that you added in case this has caused the issue or if you would just like to change it.

11. You also have the options to save it as a draft, send it for approval, etc.



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