How do I set up an Instagram Stream & Analytics service?

Important Note:
The Instagram Stream & Analytics Service must be added before you can start retrieving data to generate reports.



1. Select the Services tab.

2. In the drop-down menu, select Add Services

3. Select the Add button where Instagram is listed. 



4. In the new pop-up window that comes up, click Setup to the right of where the service Instagram Stream and Analytics is listed.



5. If you’re not already logged into an Instagram account, you’ll need to provide the username and password for the relevant Instagram account.

6. When you’ve provided the login details, click Log In.



7. You can then select where you want to see alerts for new activity on that Instagram account such as in the Priority Inbox.

8. If you’re logged into the wrong Instagram account, you can use the Switch Instagram User option to switch the Instagram account you’re logged into.  

Please Note:
Unfortunately, Instagram does not always allow this option to work so, if you’ve selected this option but nothing happens, please close the service window, go directly to Instagram (within your web browser) to log out of that Instagram account and then look to set up the service again.

9. When you’re happy with the settings, click Save Changes



10. The Instagram Stream will then be available to select in the Engage area, on the right hand side of the dashboard.


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