How Do I Set Up A Facebook Page Album Service?

1. Go to Services and where Facebook is listed click Add.



2. Click the Setup button opposite where the Facebook Page Album service is listed.





3. If you’re not already signed into Facebook, you’ll be directed to Facebook to sign in and accept permissions. Please ensure you allow all permissions requested. Once this is done, you’ll be directed to the following page where you’ll be able to provide a name for the Facebook Page Album service you’re setting up.

4. Select the Facebook Page you want the service to be linked to. Please note: the image above this dropdown menu represents the Facebook account you’re logged into and not the Facebook Page you’re selecting.

5. In the Album dropdown menu, you can leave this set to New Album in which case the subject/title you include in posts to that service will be used to create a new album. Alternatively, select from the existing albums set up for that Page. If you select an existing album, images will be added to that album when posting to that Facebook Page Album service.

6. When you’re happy with the settings for that service, click the Save Settings button.





7. If you’ve selected the New Album option when setting up the service, you’ll need to add the album name as directed once you’ve selected that Facebook Page Album service in the Compose box.








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