How do I set up geo-targeting for a Facebook Fan Page?

This page covers adding Geo-targeting settings for a Facebook Fan Page profile. If you haven't already, please see this page first which covers setting up a Facebook Page Profile.

1. When first setting up or editing a Facebook Fan Page posting profile, where Geotargeting is listed, select the Edit option.


2. From the Countries list, select the Country you want to Geotarget or the country the area or areas you wish to Geotarget area located in.


3. Once you’ve selected the country in the dropdown menu, select the appropriate Country (all regions) option.

Please Note:
This is required even if you only want to post to a specific region or regions in that country.

4. Once you’ve highlighted this option, select the Add button so that this is added to the Selected Criteria box.


5. Then if you want posts you send via that profile to be visible to Facebook users from a whole state or region, highlight the appropriate (Entire Region) option.

6. Then select the Add button to add that region to the Selected Criteria box.


7. If you want to target specific areas within a region, highlight the area name in the dropdown menu.

8. Then use the Add button to add it to the Selected Criteria box before highlighting the next one if you’re looking to post to a number of areas before selecting the Add button again.


9. You can also choose for your posts to only be visible to users based on the language selected on their profile. Select the Languages field then highlight the appropriate language.

10. Then use the Add button to add the language to the Selected Criteria box.


11. You can see what this should look like if you want to post to multiple areas within one region and in a specific country where the users will need to have set their language as US English. 

Please Note:
Facebook only allows you to set up Geotargeting in the following ways:
  • Multiple countries only
  • One country with multiple regions only (no specific cities)
  • One country with one region and multiple cities.

12. Once you’re happy with the Geotargeting settings for that profile, click the OK button.


If you want to have different Geo-targeting settings for the same Facebook Page, you'll need to set up multiple Facebook Page profiles for that Facebook Page - each with it's own Geo-targeting settings.
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