How do I add my WordPress blog to Sendible?

Sendible allows you to add your WordPress blog whether it's self-hosted ( or a blog. This page will take you through adding both types of WordPress blogs to Sendible.

Navigating to WordPress Profile options

1. Select the Profiles > Add Profile tab in your dashboard.

2. Then select the Blogs option from the right hand menu.

3. Where the relevant WordPress option is listed, click the Add button.


Adding a blog

4. There will be two options available as WordPress blogs can be hosted directly on servers or you can move your WordPress blog over to a self-hosted domain.

First we’ll go through adding a blog where the blog is hosted on servers.


5. You’ll need to add the URL for your blog. As the note suggest, please ensure that http:// or https:// is added as necessary.

Please Note:
You can also check to see if you’re providing the right URL by adding /wp-login.php to the end of the URL and then adding this into your browser. If the URL is correct, the login page for that WordPress blog will be displayed. If it is not correct, the login page will not be displayed. However do not include /wp-login.php when adding the URL into the settings page on Sendible, this is not required.

6. Provide the Username or Email and Password for your WordPress blog.

7. You can also select whether you want updates made to your WordPress blog to be automatically posted out to your social channels, sent out via email, etc. that you have previously added to a Profile List. If you have any Profile Lists set up they should display in the drop-down menu. 

Please Note:
Please make sure your WordPress blog is not added to the Profile List you have selected, as this will post a duplicate of the post to your blog again.

8. Once you’ve added all the information you need to, select the Save Settings button.


The Wordpress profile you've just added will now be available to post to via the Compose Box.

Adding a self-hosted blog

9. To add a self-hosted blog to Sendible, select the option for adding a WordPress profile for your self-hosted blog.


10. For self-hosted WordPress blogs, we can provide some additional options. First, give the profile a name for your reference. 

Please Note:
Please make sure you are adding the root domain URL for your site here, even if your blog is on a different page on your site.

11. You can select whether the posts you send to your blog from Sendible are automatically published to your blog or whether they are saved as drafts on the blog so that you can put them live at a later date.


12. You can also select to have any image included with the post automatically set as the Feature image for that post.
13. You can then select whether you want visits to your blog to be tracked. This data can then be accessed in the custom Report Builder.

14. You also have the ability to add Default Categories to your blog or a Default Author, that will be displayed in your blog posts.

15. You can also set the UTC offset the server hosting your site is using.

16. Once you are happy with your setup, please don't forget to press the Save settings button.


The WordPress profile you've just added will now be available to post to via the Compose Box.

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