How do I set up an automatic welcome message for Twitter?

Please note:
This service is no longer available as of October the 2nd, 2017.




1.Select the Services option at the top of any page and then select Apps from the list to the right.



2. Click the Add button where the Welcome Message automation service is listed.



3. The following window will appear and you will first need to provide a description of the service for your reference.

4. You will then need to select the Twitter account the automation will be applied to.

5. You can then add the welcome message/s you want to send out when you gain a new follower. We recommend that you include a number of messages to make this seem more organic and you can also use merge tags to personalize the messages. Please note that these messages should be under 140 characters each. Once you've typed in one message, click the Add option and another text box will be provided for the next message.

6. Select whether you want to send welcome messages as Tweets or direct messages.

7. You can also choose whether you want to automatically follow back those you’re welcoming.

8. This option allows you choose how often the system should check for new followers and how many new followers to message once it’s done this. Please note that Twitter only allows us to search a random selection of your followers so your newest followers may not always be picked up. For more information on this, please see this page.


9. You can also set whether the automation is active or paused. Once you’re happy with the settings, select the Save Settings button.





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