How Do I Add My Blog To Sendible?

1. Select the Services option at the top of any page and then select Blogs from the list to the left.





2. Setting up services for the majority of blogs we integrate with is fairly straightforward. Wordpress is a little more complex so for full instructions setting up a Wordpress service, please see this page. The example we’re providing here is for Tumblr but you’ll use almost exactly the same steps for all blogs apart from Wordpress.




Please Note:
You might be asked to accept Tumblr’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy  before you continue.


3. Once you’ve selected to add a Tumblr blog or similar, a pop-up will appear asking you to provide your login email for that site. Once you’ve done this, select the Next button and select log-in option.





4. The site will ask you to confirm that you want Sendible to post on your behalf. You must allow or accept any permissions requested in order for the service to be added correctly.





5. Once you’ve accepted any permissions requested, you can choose the URL for the blog you’re looking to post to.


Important Note:
If permissions are not accepted for Sendible to access your account, you will have trouble scheduling messages to .



 6. You can also choose where you want to receive alerts for new activity. Once you’ve done this, save your settings.




7. That blog will then be available to post to in the Message Box.





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