How Do I Set Up A Stream For A Facebook Page?

This page covers adding a Facebook Page Stream service to your account so you can read and respond to updates like Direct Messages in real time.

Please Note:
When adding a posting profile to Sendible, a streaming profile is automatically added to your dashboard. To add a Facebook Page profile to Sendible, see How Do I Add My Facebook Page To Sendible?

1. To view your Facebook Page streams, go to Engage > Stream.


2. Select a Facebook Page that you want to read and respond to updates in real-time.

3. As a default, when you select a Facebook Page Stream, you'll be on your Facebook Page Home feed.

4.  Here is where you can view the original source on Facebook.

5. Within the real-time stream, you’ll have the ability to delete posts from Facebook.

Please Note:
The post you have deleted will still appear within the Outbox > Sent view on Sendible. Facebook is the only social site at the moment that allows third-party platforms to delete posts from their platform via their API.

6. You have the ability to like comments.


7. You have the ability to respond to comments from the Facebook Page stream.


8. For direct messages, click the Messenger icon.

Please Note:
You can take fewer actions when replying to a direct message than responding to comments within the Home feed via Facebook’s API.

9. You have the ability to delete direct messages from Facebook Messenger.

10. Click Reply to respond to any direct messages.


11. For both Home feed and Direct messages, you can also delegate responding to messages by clicking on More > Assigning the message to another team member.


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