How do I set up a Keyword Alert?

In Sendible, you can create Keyword Alerts in two ways by either adding a Profile or through the Monitor > Keywords alerts screen. There are a number of ways to use Keyword alerts within Sendible and we have a blog post exploring the different way these can be used.

Please Note:
For further steps on how to use Keyword Alerts, please see the following article:

Adding A Keyword Alert Through The Profiles Screen

1.To set up a Keyword Alert using the Profiles screen firstly please navigate to Profiles at the top of the Dashboard and then click Add Profiles.

2. On the left hand side choose the option for Monitoring.

3. Select Add where Brand & Keyword is listed.


Adding Keyword Alerts Through The Monitor > Keyword Alerts Screen

4. You can also set up a Keyword Alert by going to Monitor > Keyword alerts.

5. Click on the New Alert button.


Keyword Alert Settings

6. The first thing you will want to do is add a name for the Keyword alert. This can be added in the Description field.

7. Now you’ll have to define your keywords you want to monitor. For the Has one of these terms field, you will need to add the main keyword/s you’re looking for. You should add a maximum of 5 - 6 words and/or phrases and these should be the main focus or your search such as the company name or the main topic you're looking for results about.

8. In the Has Any of these words (Optional) field, you can include additional words which need to be included in the post, article, etc. This is called an inclusion field. So, for example, if the main word you’re searching for is ‘McDonalds’ but you also want to ensure that the article, post or similar mentions ‘burger’ or ‘fries’ you should include ‘burger, fries’ in this field.

9. In the Doesn’t have these words (Optional) field you can include words that should not be included in the post, article, etc. So, for example, if the main word you’re searching for is ‘McDonalds’’ but you don’t want to receive results that also include the word ‘healthy’ you should add ‘healthy’ into this field.

10. The Exclude mentions with curse words from results (Optional) can be used to exclude mentions relating to your Monitor search that includes curse words. This can either be set to Yes or No, by default the option is No.

11. In the Google Alerts Feed (Optional) field you can add a Google alerts RSS Feed to get  latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.), based on your queries.

Please Note:
Please see the following article on how to create a Google Alert for Monitoring;

12. Using the Email Notifications you can set types of email notifications you would like to receive, including options of notifications for Negative and Positive monitor results.  

13. Using the Send email notifications to you can add the email addresses of those you’d like to receive the mention alerts.

Please Note:
Emails addresses used to send Monitor Notifications do not need to be associated with a Sendible account.

14. When you’ve finished adding your settings, make sure to select the option to Save Settings.


Please Note:
Once you've saved your settings, it will take at least 1 - 2 hours for results to start being displayed.
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