How Do I Set Up A Keyword And Brand Monitor?

1. Select Services at the top of the Dashboard and then click Monitoring on the left-hand side.

2. Select Add where Brand & Keyword is listed.




3. You can also set up a Keyword and Brand Monitor by going to Monitor > Keywords.

4. You can also select Keywords from the list to the left if you’re already in the Monitoring section,

5. Click on the New Monitor button. 




6. Enter a name for your monitoring term - This is how the stream will appear in the sidebar so give it a name you can easily recognize.


7. Now you’ll have to define your keywords you want to monitor. For the main ‘Has one of these terms’ field, you will need to add the main keyword/s you’re looking for. You should add a maximum of 5 - 6 words and/or phrases and these should be the main focus or your search such as the company name or the main topic you're looking for results about.


Please note: all of the terms will need to be included in the post or article etc. in order to be brought through. So, for example, if you’re searching for results based on a particular company, in this case we’ll use McDonald’s, than this is the keyword that should be added. If you also wanted results for other restaurants, these should be set up as separate monitors as if you added ‘McDonald’s OR Burger King’ than the article, post or similar would need to include both mentions of McDonald's and Burger King in order to be picked up.

8. In the Any of these words (Optional): field, you can include additional words which need to be included in the post, article, etc. This is called an inclusion field. So, for example, if the main word you’re searching for is ‘Starbucks’ but you also want to ensure that the article, post or similar mentions ‘coffee’ you should include ‘coffee’ in this field.


9. In the None of these words (Optional): field you can include words that should not be included in the post, article, etc. So, for example, if the main word you’re searching for is ‘Starbucks’ but you don’t want to receive results that also include the word ‘tea’ you should add ‘tea’ into this field.




10. In the Google Alerts Feed (Optional) field you can add a Google alerts RSS Feed to get  latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.), based on your queries. Click ‘Create a Google Alerts Feed’ below the field box to taken to Google alerts (in a pop up window).





Ensure the alert is set to Deliver to Feed and click Create Alert then locate your Alert and click on the orange RSS Icon.





Copy the RSS URL into the box back in the dashboard.





11. You can also select whether you only want to receive results from a particular Country. Please note that if you set location settings, only results from Twitter will be brought though as Twitter is the only site that currently supports this. It’s also worth noting that this will be affected by whether or not someone has added this information correctly on their Twitter profile.


12. If you do want to receive results from just a particular location, you can narrow this down to a particular area or city in that Country using the location option by typing in the name of the location and then selecting Locate Place.


13. If needed, you can use the Latitude and Longitude options to pinpoint a specific area that the search should radiate from. Please Note: these fields cannot be left blank however, if you don’t select a specific Country or Location, they will not be taken into account.


14. You can also select the radius around the location you’ve selected if relevant. If you’ve selected a very small radius around a specific location, you may find that few results are returned so we would advise widening the radius if this is the case.




15. Here you can set types of email notifications you would like to receive such as only positive mentions and whether you get the email daily or weekly.


16. You can then add the email addresses of those you’d like to receive the mention alerts. These do not have to be emails already associated with a Sendible account.

17. When you’ve finished adding your settings, make sure to save the service.



It’s best to keep this as simple as possible and include a maximum of 5 – 6 different words or phrases for best results. 

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