How Do I Add A Twitter Search Stream?


1. Select Services and then, where Twitter is listed, click Add.



2. Select Setup where the Twitter Search service is listed.



3. Add a description in the text box for your reference. 

4. Now you’ll have to define the main term/s you want to search for. For the main ‘All of these words’ field, you will need to add the main keyword/s you’re looking for. 

Please Note:
All of the terms will need to be included in the tweet in order to be brought through. So, for example, if you’re searching for results based on a particular company, in this case we’ll use McDonald’s, than this is the word that should be added. If you also wanted results for other restaurants, these should be set up as separate searches as if you added ‘McDonald’s, Burger King’ than the tweet would need to include both mentions of McDonald's and Burger King in order to be picked up.

5. In the Any of these words (Optional): field, you can include additional words which need to be included in the Tweet. This is called an inclusion field. So, for example, if the main word you’re searching for is ‘Starbucks’ but you also want to ensure that the Tweet mentions ‘coffee’ you should include ‘coffee’ in this field. 

6. In the None of these words (Optional): field you can include words that should not be included in the Tweet. So, for example, if the main word you’re searching for is ‘Starbucks’ but you don’t want to receive results that also include the word ‘tea’ you should add ‘tea’ into this field. 

7. You can also choose to receive results from just a specific Twitter user or users. You’ll need to add in the Twitter handle of the relevant account. So, if I wanted to just receive results from Sendible’s Twitter account, this would be added as ‘Sendible’ without the @ symbol.



8. You can also choose to exclude results from certain users. Please add the handles for the relevant account/s as above. 

9. Next you can select whether you only want to receive entries in a particular language.

Please Note:
This will depend on whether this information has been added to Twitter profiles which have used the term you’re searching for in their tweets.

10. You can also select whether you only want to receive results from a particular Country. As above, this will be affected by whether or not someone has added this information correctly on their Twitter profile.

11. Once you’re happy with the settings you’ve included, click Save Settings.



12. A Stream displaying results for this search will then be available in the Priority Inbox.


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