How Do I Add My Twitter Account To Sendible?

1. Select the Services option at the top of the dashboard and then click Add where Twitter is listed.




2. Select the Setup button opposite the Twitter Post option.




3. Provide the details for the relevant Twitter account.




4. The How link previews should be posted dropdown allows you to select whether or not the system looks to automatically pull in an image to include with your Tweet from any links you include. Please note: if you include ‘Post with images’, when you have that Twitter service selected in the Compose box this will reflect both the amount of characters the link and the image takes up. Links will take up at minimum 23 characters even if they have been shortened (this is the same on Twitter) and 25 characters for the image.


Please note: even if the option for 'Post with images' is set, there are instances which mean that an image will not  be included in the Tweet such as:

- If including image for link preview means message will be truncated, the system will not include the image but will post the tweet as normal without the image.


- If the image included in a link preview cannot be uploaded, the system will ignore the image and will still post tweet without the image.


5. Choose where you want to receive alerts for new activity such as in your Priority Inbox or via email.

6. When you’re ready, click the Save Settings button and then that service will be available in your Compose box.



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