How Do I Search For Keywords And What's Trending On Facebook And Twitter?


1. Click on Monitor and then select Search from the dropdown menu or if you’re already in the Monitor area, select Search from the list to the left.

2. You can select whether you wish to search Twitter or Facebook for a particular keyword or phrase by selecting the appropriate option next to the search box.

3. You can then type in the keyword or phrase you wish to search that social site for. 

Please Note: only public mentions will be returned.

You can check results for keywords or phrases you’ve searched for previously on your user account by clicking on the keyword or phrase in the list to the right.





5. If updated results are not displaying, please select the refresh option to prompt the system to display these results.

6. You can also export results to a CSV file so that they can be viewed outside of Sendible.

7. Depending on whether you’re searching Facebook or Twitter and have an appropriate posting service set up, you’ll be able to share a post, retweet it, reply to it, etc. using the options to the right of the post.





8. To check Trending topics, first select whether you want to view results from Facebook or from Twitter.

9. You can then view results for top trending topics by selecting that topic where it is displayed under the Trending heading.

10. Once again, depending on whether you’ve selected to view results from Facebook or Twitter and have an appropriate posting service set up, you’ll be able to share a post, retweet it, reply to it, etc. using the options to the right of the post.




11. You can also view trending topics from the Compose Box by selecting the Compose button to the top right hand side of any page on the dashboard and then selecting the Content option in the Compose Box.





12. Select the Trending tab.

13. You can then select whether you want to view trending topics for a particular Country, State, etc. using the dropdown menu If your Country or State is not available, it’s likely that there are no trending topics for that area currently.



14. If you want to include a trending topic in your message, click the tick box next to that topic.


15. Then select the Insert Selected Tags button. That topic will then be automatically added to the Compose box.



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