Where Do Keyword And Brand Monitoring Results Come Through To?

1.Select Monitor and then Keywords in the dropdown menu. You can also select Keywords from the list to the left if you're already in the Monitoring section.




2. From here you can add a New Monitor as well as Filter by blogs, News Sites, sentiment, etc. and search for Keywords in the body of results.

3. You can also easily compare results by selecting up to three different Keyword Monitors.





4. By hovering over a particular result, you can view and select the options for that message including changing the Sentiment, viewing the source of the result, translating the result, etc. If a result has come from a social site such as Twitter and you have a Posting Service for that social site, you’ll have additional options such as replying to the message. You can also mark results as Irrelevant which will help the system learn what you’re looking for and bring through more accurate results.





5. Select the Show Chart option to view a chart which breaks down the results for your service.






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