How do I setup Google Alert Feeds for Monitoring?

  1. In Sendible, go to “Services”.
    1. Adding a new monitor service.
      1. choose “Monitoring”
      2. then “Brand Monitoring”
      3. then “Add”
    2. If monitoring has been set up before
      1. Go to Services > My Services.
      2. Locate the monitoring service and click the edit icon.
  2. Make sure the “Brand Name or Term” is set
  3. Go to

  4. Sign in if needed

  5. Enter the query you wish Google to search against :

  6. Set up the changes, but make sure that "Deliver to" is set to "RSS feed" :

  7. Click on the Google Alert's RSS feed icon and it will redirect you to the RSS feed page :

  8. Copy the URL from the address bar of the RSS feed page and paste it into the "Google Alerts Feed(optional):" text box back in Sendible

  9. Click “Save Changes”
  10. Sendible will now read from Google Alerts and push any extra information that Google finds into the monitor
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