How do I setup Google Alert Feeds for Monitoring?

Google Alerts are a great feature and enable you to have a wider scope of results if added to a Keyword and Brand Monitor. Essentially, a Google Alert will monitor web pages, newspaper articles, blogs, or scientific research that mention your search term then provide you an alert for these. You can then use this information in an RSS format and integrate this into you Keyword and Brand Monitor within Sendible.


Please Note:
To find out how to setup Keyword and Brand Monitors please see the following article:

1. In order to use a Google Alert you firstly need to ensure you are logged into your Google account and then navigate to  


2. You then need to add a term in the Create an alert about field that you would like Google to monitor in this example we are setting up a term for Social Media Marketing.


3. Once you have added your Alert term you can then click on the Show Options button to expand the amount of options you have available.


4. So that we can use this Alert within the Sendible Keyword and Brand Monitor change the Deliver To setting to RSS Feed.

5. Once you have set Deliver To option to RSS Feed you can leave all other options as default and click on the option to Create Alert.


Please Note:
For further reading on Google Alert settings please see this article from Google:


6. Once you have confirmed the Alert you will see this listed under the My Alerts tab.


7. Clicking on the RSS Feed icon will open the RSS Feed in another tab of your browser. Please select this and copy it to be used in Sendible.


8. In Sendible select the Keyword and Brand Monitor you have previously created by going to Monitor > Keywords. 


9. On the left hand side you will see your Keyword and Brand Monitor click on the edit icon to open the settings for this.



10. In the Google Alerts Feed (optional) field paste in the RSS Feed you copied previously.


11. Remember to click the option to Save Changes by scrolling to the bottom of the settings window.


12. Sendible will now read from Google Alerts and push any extra information that Google finds into the Keyword and Brand Monitor.

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