How do I use

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1. In the Compose Box, you’ll first need to add the link you want to insert your message/call to action to into the text area.

2. Next, select the icon.





3. If you don’t already have a account, you can sign up for a free trial using your Twitter or Facebook account.


4. Alternatively, you’ll need to provide the name, email address and password that you want to use for your account. provides a 14 day free trial, to view their pricing, click here.


5. If you already have a account, you can log in using the option provided (you may need to scroll down for this to be displayed).





6. You can edit some settings for your account through Sendible by clicking the cog icon, please see figure 14 for more information.


7. From the dropdown menu, select whether you want to create a new Call-To-Action or one that you’ve used previously.


8. You can then select whether you want the message/call-to-action whether to be displayed as a link or a button.


9. You can also change the theme being used to fit in with your branding or similar.

10. Type in the message you want to be displayed when someone clicks the link you included in the Compose Box and are taken to that page.


11. You’ll then need to include the text you want overlaid on that page where users can click to be taken to a second page.


12. You can then add the additional page you want to send them to. So for example, your link text could say ‘Click here for more information’ and then you could include the URL for a pricing page or similar.

13. When you’re happy with your settings, select the Create Snip button. If for example your link was shortened by, in the Compose Box this will have been updated so that an altered link will be present. Please note: Your link will not display or similar as is not a link shortener. For more information about, please click here.





14. You can update some account settings through Sendible for your account such as the Display Name.


15. You can also change your Website URL linked to your account as this will default to your Twitter or Facebook profile if you’ve used either to sign up to

17. You can also change the image used for your account.





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