How do I Create Custom URLs?

1. Click the cog next to the shorten links icon, this will open the Custom URLs menu.


2. Enter the URL you want to insert into your post.

3. Enter the parameters and values you wish to be appended to the URL.

4. Press Apply & Insert.


5. The URL and parameters will be shortened based on the link shortener you’ve selected to use on your account


Using Custom URL templates

1. To use a template, select it from the drop down menu.


2. To add a new template press the add template icon, this will copy the parameters and values from the template you are currently on.

3. To edit a template select it from the list and edit, pressing Apply and insert will save the template and apply it to the URL.

4. To save a template without applying it to a URL- press Apply without a URL entered.

5. To add parameter lines press the add icon

6. To delete parameter lines click the delete icon

7. To delete a template, choose the template from the dropdown list and press the delete template icon. Note- you cannot delete the Google Analytics template.

8. If you wish to always use this template when shortening links, select the checkbox.


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