How do I save a message as a draft?

This article covers how you can save a post you're working on or previously created as a draft if you want to send it out at a later date but still keep all the content included and scheduled time, etc. 


Please Note:
If you've made variations of a post using our Smart Posts feature, each variation will be saved as a separate post.

1. Once you’ve included the content, etc. for a message, select the Save > Save Draft option.


2. When you’ve saved the draft, it will be available in the Drafts view under the Publish tab. 

If there is a scheduled time for the message, it will be listed based on this. If there is no scheduled time, it will be listed based on the date and time the draft was saved.


You can then view your drafts and send them at a later time via the Drafts view.


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