How do I queue a message?

This article covers how you can add a message to a Queue from the Compose Box. Queues allow you to easily group posts of a similar theme into campaigns and keeping your content schedule full with curated, evergreen content. For full instructions on setting up a queue, please see this page. For more information on how to utilise Queues to optimise your posting, please see this page.

Queuing your message

1. When you’ve added all the content, etc. to your message, select the Queue icon.

2. You can then select the queue you want to add your message to in the Smart Queue drop down menu.

3. You can create a new Queue by clicking the + icon.

4. Alternatively, you can edit the settings for the selected queue by clicking on Settings.

Click here to skip setting up a new Queue.


How to set up a new Queue

5. If you choose to edit the Settings for a queue or you want to create a new Queue, the following popup will appear. You can add/edit the name of your queue in the Queue Name box.

6. Turning the Recycle Messages option On will mean that messages you add to that queue are reused when all the messages in a queue have been posted out and will continue to be used until you delete them from the Queue or turn this setting to Off.

7. You can also choose who has access to add messages to a queue by including them in the Contributors box.


8. You can change the time slot settings for a particular day by selecting that day from the menu.

9. To edit or add a specific time slot, just click on it and select the time or type it in.

10. Alternatively, you can load the Optimum times for a particular day of the week by selecting the Clock icon.

Please Note:
These Optimum times will only be available once you have been posting through Sendible for long enough that the system has been able to calculate these times based on the engagement, reposting, etc. of your messages across all the profiles you post to on that user account.

11. To remove a time slot, select the x icon.

12. To add a new time slot, select the + icon.

13. Once you have set up your Queue, click Save.


Adding your message to your Queue

14. Once you’ve selected your Queue and edited any settings you need to for that queue, select Add to Queue.


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