How Do I Schedule A Message?

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1. Once you’ve added all the content, etc. to your message, click the schedule icon to access the scheduling options.



2. Click on the date box to access the calendar.



3. Once you’ve selected the date you want your post to be sent on, click on the time box to set a specific time or choose from the times available in the drop down menu.

4. Alternatively, you can choose from the optimum times to send your message by selecting the asterix (*) icon. 

Please Note:
Optimum times will only be available once you have been posting from your for a minimum of 3 weeks.


How to Schedule repeats


5. You can also schedule your post to repeat by selecting the Repeat option.



6. If you select the repeat option, the following dialogue box will be opened. Once you’ve added your settings, select 'OK'.



7. When you’ve added all your scheduling settings, click the Schedule button to schedule your message accordingly.


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