What is rebranding/ how do I replace via Sendible on my posts?

Social sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ can sometimes display if a message has been sent via a third party App such as Sendible.

This is not always displayed but is more likely to be displayed if for example you are logged in as an admin on Facebook or if you're viewing Facebook from a mobile device.

This is applied to all third party Apps however, we are the only social media management site that allows you to rebrand these posts so that they do not display 'Via Sendible' but instead via a keyword or brand name of your choice as well as directing back to a URL of your choice.

You can apply for rebranding by selecting the cog icon in the top right hand side of the dashboard and then select Extras and Add-ons or by going to Manage > Subscription.

Please note that, as the rebranded Apps that are created have to be set up and maintained manually, this will be charged at $50 per month in addition to your monthly plan charge unless this is included in your plan such as with the Enterprise and Premium plans.

Please also note that, as rebranding has to be charged for, you will not be able to apply for rebranding on the 30 day free trial.

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