Why are my messages being sent at incorrect times?

If you're scheduling messages and they are being sent out before the scheduled time or they are being sent after the time you've scheduled them for, the likelihood is that your timezone is set incorrectly on your user account as this is how the system determines when to send our scheduled messages.

Sendible should automatically update your time settings if daylight savings come into effect or if you login from a different timezone and you confirm that you would like to update the time settings on your account however, from time to time there may be issues with this that will need to be addressed manually.

To address this, please do the following:

1. Click on the time displayed in the top left hand side of the dashboard.
2. Select the required timezone from the drop down menu.
3. Select whether or not you want the new time settings to be applied to your currently scheduled messages
on that account.
4. Save your settings.

Please note that this will need to be updated individually on each user account.

If you have looked to adjust your timezone and you have selected for your scheduled messages to be updated as well but there are still issues, please contact us by submitting a ticket and we'll be happy to help!

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