What do I do if my posts are still displaying via/posted by Sendible even after receiving an email to confirm that rebranding has been set up?

How rebranding works is that we set up custom Apps for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ that will reflect the company name/branding you included when applying for rebranding.

In order for your Services to be set up via the Apps and rebranding to be applied, you will need to delete services that you want rebranding to be applied to and set them up again using the options under Services > Rebranded > Add as shown in the following image.


Please Note: If you delete a service, any scheduled or queued messages, auto posting services such as RSS Feeds, Services List, etc. will need to be updated and that service re-added once it has been set up again under rebranded options. This will also affect reporting data so please export data before deleting the service/s if needed.





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