How do I add Facebook Profiles in Bulk?

If you want to connect several Facebook Pages at one time to your Sendible account, you can use the Facebook Page Loader to add multiple pages at one time. This page covers adding Facebook Page posting profiles to your Sendible account for the first time or if you’ve added one or more Facebook Page posting profiles previously. This profile also supports Priority Inbox updates and Analytics for your Facebook Reports.

Please Note:
If you update security details, such as the email or password for the Facebook Admin account that previously connected Facebook profiles, you will be required to reconnect related profiles before they can be used again. Access can also be removed by Facebook for other security reasons which will also require reconnection.
Important Note:
Ensure that you are fully logged out of Facebook on your browser by opening Facebook in another tab and choose the logout option. This will ensure that you are adding the correct Pages to Sendible from the appropriate account. 


1. Select the Profiles tab and, in the drop-down menu, select Add Profiles




 2. Go to Apps on the right side menu.




3. From these options, click Add for Facebook Page Loader.




The first section of this page covers adding Facebook Pages where you have not added Facebook Pages to Sendible previously. If you have added Facebook Pages to Sendible previously, click here to go straight to this section.

Adding Facebook Pages for the first time:

4. You will be directed to Facebook and prompted to login if you’re not already.




5. Once you’ve logged into the account with access to the relevant Facebook Pages, you’ll see the following screen. Select the “Continue As” button.




6. The next screen confirms the connection between Sendible & Facebook choose the OK option to confirm the connection. 



Now that you’ve authorised the connection with Facebook, click here to go through steps to select the relevant Facebook Page and the profile settings for it.


Adding Facebook Page profiles after the first time:

7. Once you have established a connection from Sendible to Facebook the next time you want to add a Facebook Page from the already connected account the pages will be available in the connection dropdown. 




If you’re still not seeing the Facebook Page you want to add displayed in the dropdown menu once you’re directed back to Sendible, please see this page for further information and steps.

Adding the settings for Facebook Page Profiles:

8. Select which Facebook Pages you would like to add as profiles. If any are selected that were previously added as profiles, the system will update the settings for that Facebook Page profile(s). It will not add an additional profile for that Facebook Page.




Please Note:
The following settings will be applied to ALL the Facebook Pages you’re adding. To add different settings for different Facebook Page profiles, please add the Facebook Pages one by one or edit the settings for a Facebook Page profile(s) once they have been added using the Facebook Page Loader.

9. Select whether or not you want link previews to be automatically generated whenever you include a link in your post to that Facebook Page. For more information about link previews, please see this page.

10. Use geotargeting to personalize and segment content to different audiences. To target different fans of the same page, you can add the same fan page profile as many times as you like and just change the geotargeting settings. Please see this page for more information on Geo-targeting for Facebook.

11. You can also select whether you want to have images included in posts to this profile displayed as full-size images on Facebook. Please note, this does mean that, if you’re including a URL in your Facebook Post, the image from the link preview will be displayed as a full-size image instead of a link preview. 

12. Lastly, you can select whether you want to receive alerts for new activity on that account and where you receive these alerts such as in the Priority Inbox and/or via email.

13. Once you’re happy with the settings you’ve applied, click Save Settings. That profile will then be available to post to in the Compose box and add to Profile Lists.




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