How do I address a Facebook Permissions Issue?


To address a permissions issue, you’ll first need to log into the relevant Facebook Profile account and then remove the Sendible or Social Dashboard App from your settings.

To do this on Facebook, select the right menu drop-down when viewing the Facebook Profile > Select Settings > Then select Business Integrations from the menu to the left of the page. The Sendible or Social Dashboard App will then be displayed. Click on it and them select the Remove option.


You’ll then need to do the following in the dashboard:


1. Make sure you’re logged out of any Facebook accounts in all browsers and tabs by checking directly on Facebook and then go to Services > My Services on your Sendible account.   




2. Select the Edit icon on the relevant Facebook service.





3. You should then be directed to log into Facebook. If this does not happen, please close the pop-up and go directly to Facebook to log out before starting from Step 2 again.





4. You should now be prompted to accept App permissions again. Please do not select Cancel on any of these requests as this will mean that we can not add the service correctly. The only access we request to your account and information we retrieve is to provide you with the service/s you’ve requested to have set up on your Sendible account and all information held in relation to your Facebook account, Pages and Groups is stored securely. Select the OK button and you’ll be taken to the next page.





5. You can change who’s able to see the posts you’re posting from your Sendible account to your Facebook Page or similar however, unless you do want to restrict this, this should be left as Public. Select OK once you’ve changed this if needed.




6.    Again, make sure to leave these permissions and then select the OK button again.




7. Check all the settings for the service are correct and select the Update Account button. Please note: when you remove an App on Facebook, this will affect any Facebook services set up on Sendible which have also been set up using that Facebook Profile. This means that those services will need to be reconnected as well. You can reconnect Facebook Pages in bulk as shown on this page once you’ve accepted App permissions as outlined above.






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