How do I troubleshoot an issue with Facebook geo targeting?

When adding a Facebook Page Profile, you can also set up Geo-targeting settings so that only people that have a certain location or language selected on their profile can view the posts sent using that profile.

If these settings have not been added correctly however, Facebook will be unable to process the post which will lead to it being rejected with the following error message:

(#100) Invalid targeting:

Facebook only allows you set Geo-targeting up as follows:

1. Multiple countries only.

2. One country with multiple regions only, no specific cities.

3. One country with one region and multiple cities.

4. One language.

If you are receiving this error message, could you please look to edit the settings for the Facebook Profile as follows:

1. Select Profiles.

2. Click on 'My Profiles' (below the list to the left).

3. Locate the Facebook profile and click the edit icon.

4. Click on the Geo-targeting option and adjust accordingly.

5. Save your changes.

If you would like to set up the same Facebook Page but for a number of countries or languages for example, you will need to set up separate Facebook Page Profiles for each country or language.

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