How do I increase or decrease the visibility of messages sent by Sendible?

Important Note:
As of June 6th, 2018, the Rebranding feature has been removed.

Facebook have recently changed the privacy policies for messages sent by third parties like Sendible. Some Sendible apps and Rebrandings will now only create messages visible to friends, to increase or decrease the visibility of these apps please follow the instructions below.

Increasing the visibility if you just need to target as many people as possible.

Decreasing visibility can also be useful, as you can test all your messages without worrying that users might see silly test posts. Also there is the opportunity to share special offers to your circle of friends, which can make your VIP customers feel special.


1. Click on Settings the cog icon in the right corner and select “Privacy Settings”




2. Click on “Apps” in left sidebar




3. As you can see has been set initially as “Friends”, we want to change that so click “Edit” on the same row.




4. Set the “Visibility of app and posts” to “Public” to increase visibility or “Only me” to reduce the visibility. Click “Close” once your happy with the change.


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