How do I use a CSV file with Queues?

There are a number of reasons to use a CSV file with your Queue. One of those being that, by using a CSV file, you can concentrate fully on the message being sent. You don’t have to worry about the times and dates as these would have already been created in your Queue when you set this up.

We have an article on Queue creation which is available here: How Do I Queue A Message?

To get started using a CSV file you first need to be in the Queued area of the dashboard.

1. Click on the Publish option in the top navigation.
2. From the drop-down, you can select Queues.
If you are already in the Publish area, you can also choose Queues from the sidebar on the left.


4. Next, select the option to Create multiple queued messages at once located next to the New Queue option.


5. With the Compose Messages in Bulk screen open, select the option to Download CSV File and save this sample CSV file to your computer.


Please Note:
If you are downloading this file via Google Chrome you will see this in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, for easier access when downloaded. If you are using another browser you will need to navigate to the folder you saved the file to.

6. Once you have opened the CSV file there are a few columns to understand so you can use this powerful feature.

7. Message - You can type the message for your post here.
8. SendDate - As mentioned the Queue will dictate the time and date the posts are sent. Leave this column blank.
9. URL - If you wish to add any URL links in your post you would add these into this column.
10. Image - Here you can add a link to a custom image to use in your post. 

Images need to be hosted on an image sharing site like Mediafire, Google Photos or Imgur.



Remember to ignore the SendDate on the CSV file as your Queue has already been set up with specified times.

11. Once completed, you can return to Sendible, reopen the Compose Messages in Bulk screen and select Load from a CSV file.


12. When importing the file you have a few options available from the Import Messages As drop-down, please select the option for Queued.


You can find out more about Importing to the Scheduled or Drafts view here: How Do I Bulk Import Messages?

13. After selecting the Load from a CSV file option. You will then see an option to select a Date Format.

As we will be sending these posts to a queue where the time to post has already been assigned, you don’t have to worry about which date format to select, just click OK.


Please Note:
If you wish to edit the messages once imported, you can do this by opening the message in the Queue you have assigned the message to.

14. Having selected which Queue you want to add these posts into, you will now need to select which Profile/s or Profile List you wish to send the posts to. In this example, the selected Profile List is Sendible Support 01.


For more information on creating Profile Lists please see the following article: How do I create and manage profile lists?

15. Once imported, check the Queue and you’ll see that the posts are scheduled to be sent out based on the next available time slots in the selected Queue. The order used to send the messages out will be based on the order they were included in the CSV file.


16. You have now successfully downloaded the sample CSV file, created specific posts in the CSV file and added these to your Queue.

You can also download a template CSV file from here:
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