Why Are Only The First 5 Twitter Accounts Being Posted To?

If you have sent a post to Twitter and it doesn’t post. It’s important to check your Bounced messages. (Engage > Outbox > Bounced)

1. First, click on the Engage option.

2. On the left-hand side, you will see the Outbox.

3. The last option in the Outbox will bring you to Bounced messages section.



There are a number of reasons why your post to Twitter may have failed. A common issue occurs when posting to multiple Twitter accounts at one time.

If this is the case, the message displayed to indicate the error will be:

"To help protect your Twitter account from being suspended for spam, we have only published this post to the first 5 Twitter account(s)."

To ensure that we are inline with Twitters security settings we have limited the number of accounts that can be posted to at one time.

Please Note: 
You can read more on Twitters Terms & Conditions for third-party applications here: Twitter Agreement Policy

In order to avoid your Twitter posts from bouncing, we advise posting to no more than five Twitter accounts at any one time.

If you have more than five Twitter accounts to post to, try and ensure that the scheduled posts for the other Twitter accounts are spaced at least two minutes apart from another.

You can post to multiple Twitter accounts by selecting them individually in the Compose Box.



A better practice would be to use Service Lists with no more than five Twitter accounts in each Service List.



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