Grandfathered Plan Update FAQ

All users on Grandfathered plans:


Q. Why we are making this change?

A. Our intentions are to make some big changes to improve the way that we manage plans by:

  • Improving the payment options we offer within the platform.
  • Adding the facility to allow all users more flexibility in terms of purchasing services, reports and users as these are all currently tied to the plan you’re on.


We’d also like to potentially make some bigger changes, such as allowing services to be managed or grouped together in a way that better suits your needs.


Q. What will happen to any Add-Ons I’m paying for, eg. rebranded Apps?

A. These should not be affected by the price change.


Q. Which plans are not affected by this change?

A. Plans we offer as standard will not be affected by this change. These plans are the:





White Label

Q. Which plans are affected by this change?

A. Our grandfathered plans will be affected by this change. These plans are the:












There are some custom plans that may not be included on the list above. If you believe you are on a custom plan and would like to discuss this further, please contact our sales team.


Q. What if I want to upgrade/downgrade my plan after this update?

A. You will be able to choose from 3 of the plans that we have moved all grandfathered users onto Please note that any discount that was provided previously, including the one given if we’ve moved you to a new plan, will no longer be applicable and will be removed when you upgrade or downgrade your plan.


Users where only the plan name is changing:


Q Will anything else change but my plan name?

A. If we have contacted you only about changing the plan name, nothing else about your account will change.

Users being moved to a new plan:

Q. What if I had a discount code provided previously?

A. Discount codes would have been provided for as long as the plan was supported. As we will no longer be supporting the plan you’re on currently, the discount will no longer be valid. If you’d like to discuss a discount on the plan you’re being moved to, please get in touch with our sales team.

Q. How long will the plan I’m being moved to be supported for?

A. We’re working on a more long term solution as we appreciate that, for some of our older users, the limitations we’ve put in place for the standard plans we now offer would significantly affect how they currently use Sendible. Until this is fully in place, we won’t look to change your plan again. We will contact you to advise of any changes before we make them, as we have in this case.


Q What happens if I am not happy with the pre-selected plan?

A. You can change your price plan by logging into your main admin account and going to this page. Next, select the “Select a new plan” button. You can review the plans and upgrade or downgrade. Alternatively, you can choose from our standard plans but please do bear in mind that features may be limited based on the plan you select. The limits for each plan are outlined on this page, select “Show Details” below where the plans are listed for full information.

Q. When will the change to my billing plan take place?

A. This will take place on your next scheduled payment date after the update is made so this is likely to be different for every user. To check this, please go to Settings > Subscription as shown on this page. Your next payment date will be displayed below where your plan is listed.

Q. I have just subscribed to a year with Sendible, will I be moved as well?

A. Yes, your plan will be updated to the new plan outlined in the email you received on the date advised in the email. No related charges will be made on that date unless this is the date you would normally have been charged on. So, if you’ve paid annual, for example, and are not due to pay again for another 70 days, your plan will change on the date given in the email but you won’t be charged again for another 70 days.

If you would like to get in touch with our sales team to discuss a different plan to the one you’re on currently, please email For all other queries relating to this change, please contact

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